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It is well known how challenging it is to fold a piece of paper more than seven times - challenging, but not impossible. Strategy and endurance are needed to push the boundaries of what others may consider impossible. We test these limits. We go the extra mile.

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We strive to achieve our client's objectives.

Who We Are

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We deliver specialised communication and integrated marketing solutions.

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Our strategies are directed by our client's desired outcome. We strive on executing projects of exceptional quality, in time and in budget.

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We are innovative and think outside the box. We are inspired by the various sources that surround us.

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We are a proactive team who understand the importance of deadlines. We are passionate about what we do, injecting that energy into every project undertaken.

What We Offer

  • Communication strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Corporate identity development
  • Brand development
  • Communication
  • Production of marketing collateral
  • Creative concepts and design executions
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Project management of marketing campaigns within your marketing or communications department
  • Events and exhibitions
  • In-store promotions
  • Point of sale marketing
  • Brand activations
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Going above and beyond

How We Work

In today's world, it is no longer about only providing products and services. With so much on offer to consumers, the sustainability and success of a business depends largely on how it differentiates itself. The behaviour of a business and how it communicates with its stakeholders are more important than ever. Characteristics that were once thought of as weaknesses in the business world - integrity, honesty, humility and passion - are now considered the drivers of reputation and profit. Essential to this is communication.

We are organised, flexible, methodical and meticulous. Throughout the process of executing any project, we are constantly mindful of the client’s objectives and evaluate the progress of the project regularly to ensure we are achieving our goals.

These traits, coupled with insights gained from experience, in-depth market research and intricate strategies, result in strategic concepts tailored to reach client specific objectives.

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Our Process

The process we follow to develop our strategies and solutions are customized to every client's requirement. However, the basic skeleton of our process remains the same. Our process always starts with the client's objective, established in the initial client meeting.

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Meet Our Team

Marguerite Groenewald

Marguerite Groenewald

The brains behind EightFold

Marguerite has extensive experience working in the marketing and public relations environment. Marguerite is organised and a team player, motivated by challenges that require her to deliver solutions under pressure. She is loyal, hardworking and is prepared to put in the hours to get the job done. Entrepreneurial thinking comes naturally to her. Marguerite leads a balanced lifestyle that allows her to nurture her creative ability, fuels her innovative thinking and facilitate her excellent interpersonal skills.

Anna van der Westhuizen

Anna van der Westhuizen

Happy to go the extra mile

Anna's passion for marketing and PR is reflected in the work she produces. Anna is confident in her ability to accomplish and achieve challenging tasks, always aiming to outperform her role. She hates handing over anything less than perfect and is willing to go the extra mile to get there, investing all of her efforts to achieve the identified goals. Her ability to overcome hurdles and difficulties is matched only by her flexibility and creativity. Anna is passionate about writing and loves to watch an idea unfold.

Suzette Zietsman<

Suzette Zietsman

Passionate about project planning

After studying Public Relations, Suzette ended up in a corporate banking environment where she was eventually appointed as IT Project Manager and worked for ten years. Now, back in marketing, Suzette is able to say that a lot of skills she adopted in banking have been more than beneficial in her current environment. The management of detail in ensuring business concepts are developed as per specification; project management and planning are some of Suzette’s strengths. Suzette's people skills are one of her best attributes.

Our Clients

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